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Superior Customer Service

With over ten years experience of operating in Sydney NGP has shown itself to be innovative and imaginative in the Painting and Plastering industry. We strive for excellence in all aspects of our operations. Our customer service is second to none and is a big part of the company’s ethos. We are not happy until the client is happy.

Free Quotation Service

We provide a free quotation service for any job within 24 hours to anywhere in the Sydney region and will meet with clients to discuss the project in detail and assess the level of work required to be carried out and the clients expectations. No job is too big or too small and we can work to all budgets. Our quotes for projects are always very competitive whether for a new building or existing building. We can price for the complete project, prepare itemised quotations or price on a square meter basis, whichever is the client’s preference.

NGP provides a punctual service and the projects are completed promptly to a high standard at a competitive price.

Highest Standard of Work

Once we commence a project we carry out our work to the highest standard by firstly protecting everything not to be painted or damaged by dust using drop cloths, heavy duty paper, plastic, masking tape etc. This protection ensures carpets, wooden floors, furniture etc remain clean. We also aim to cause the minimum of disruption to to families living in houses we work on or offices where people are working nearby for example, by working cleanly, quietly and using quality products such as odourless paint, dust extractors etc. This makes the project easier for everyone. When carrying out our work we use quality materials and products to ensure the best results. NGP employs trained tradesmen of the highest calibre that take pride in their work and ensure a project is completed to the highest standards.

Excellent Supplier Network & Range of Services

We have good relationships with our suppliers enabling us become aware of new products and tools on the market to improve our work processes. Also as we can do drywall installation, plastering and finish painting we are able to control the whole job in many cases ourselves, enabling us to have a smooth transition from one process to the next  and eliminate possibly 2 more contractors for the client to have to deal with leading to client savings. Also we can gain supplier discounts due to the volume of material we purchase making our prices even further competitive.

Ease of access & communication

During the course of a project we are accessible and keep channels of communications open with clients so they know exactly at what stage a project is at.

OH&S Awareness

Health and safety is also a priority at NGP where all employees are trained to work safely and eliminate potential hazards to others.

Environmentally Friendly Work Paractices

As a policy NGP implements environmental sustainability practices such as using environmentally friendly paints (low voc paints), using recycled materials where possible, responsible disposal of chemicals & waste, non contamination of water supplies and dealing with suppliers with environmentally friendly practices.


NGP is committed to sustainability and the implementation of environmentally friendly business operations. We are committed to following a company sustainability program to enabling us to work in an environmentally friendly way. The sustainable practices we carry out include using low voc paints, using less harmful water based paints where possible, responsible disposal of waste and chemicals, non contamination of water supplies, reducing carbon emissions, using recycled products where possible, engaging with suppliers with environmentally friendly work practices and making customers and trade partners aware of our efforts.


NGP provides guaranteed warranty on any work performed in line with current Australian Government Standards. This gives customers comfort that the best attention to quality and detail will be applied on their project.


NGP can schedule maintenance plans with clients on a timely basis depending on the project involved to ensure that a property is kept in excellent condition and help it maintain its value into the future. This maintenance at regular intervals is cost effective for clients as it eliminates the need for more expensive larger repairs that can arise if regular upkeep to a property is not carried out.